what to look for in road bikes

What to Look for in Road Bikes

Searching for the best road bikes – what to look for when first purchasing it.  First, you can start with the material of the frame, then the wheels, and finally the drivetrains. Bicycles will usually use one of popular available four materials when constructing the frame. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each will help you pick the right one that will suit your preference and style.

The Material of the Frame

Steel – The most common material used in forming the bike’s frame, steel is extremely durable and it is a pretty common material as well which makes road bikes that use this material more affordable. They are also recommended for those planning on riding long distances as steel frames offer greater comfort in this regard. However, they can be quite heavy and rust will be a major factor down the road so proper maintenance is imperative.

Titanium – Titanium offers the best qualities of the other three materials. It is lightweight, durable and comfortable. You might be asking now why titanium frames are not that common with bike riders, the main reason for this is the prices of the models. Titanium frames are difficult to make and the process of making them can be quite complicated which makes bikes that use titanium frame to be high up in the price bracket.

what to look for in road bikesAluminum – These are the lightest materials used in making bike frames. With this in mind bicycles that use aluminum frames are mostly used by riders who are competing in races or people who value speed in their rides. They are also quite durable as well but not in the same league as carbon, titanium and steel frames.

Carbon – Carbon-fiber frames are simply great. They are lightweight, durable and comfortable without having the same price tag as titanium frame bicycles. While they obviously cannot compete with their titanium brethren, they are nonetheless a great alternative for those looking for something within their budget. Carbon frames are also flexible during the formation process which makes for some great aerodynamic designs possible.

The Wheels

The bicycles you see on the shop will already have pre-installed wheels on them but chances are these are just your standard garden variety wheels and the shop most likely has high grade wheels for sale. Choosing the right wheel will fall on your personal preference. Will you be using the bike mostly for climbing activities? Buy a lightweight wheel. If you are planning on doing participating on time trial races then a deep-sectioned and aerodynamic rim will work best. If you are biking for training then a heavy set of wheels will work wonders when it comes to delivering results.

The Components or Drivetrains

Do not focus solely on the bike’s frame. The best road bikes will have an ideal balance between frame and components. Think of the components/drivetrain as the secondary engine to your bicycle with your muscles being the first. A low quality component rigged to a high quality frame will work against your favor. Simply put, don’t go for the lower end of the spectrum when choosing your bike’s component.