. Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Trainer

The Top 3 Best Spin Bikes of 2017

When it comes to working out and honing your body to its peak condition one of the most popular exercise equipment today would have to be the best spin bikes. Almost every gym right now offers a spin class and this workout equipment can also be bought at your local sports store so that you can garner the benefits within the comfort and safety of your own home.

So you might be asking what exactly are the benefits offered by using a spin bike? Well, here is a list of the health benefits you can expect when you using this excellent exercise equipment or by joining a spin class. With best spin bikes you can lose weight, build up and tone muscles, do low impact exercise, boost cardio, build up speed.

Now that you are well aware of the benefits of using this popular indoor exercise equipment below is a list of the top 3 best spin bikes available in the market today. Each product comes with in-depth information as to what makes them the top products in their category. You can use this comprehensive list to narrow down your shortlist if you are having a hard time choosing which equipment to buy.

Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Trainer

best indoor bikesThe Bladez GS Cycle Trainer prides itself for delivering the most authentic simulation of riding a bicycle right inside your own home. It is no wonder why this is often chosen by most athletes as their go to training equipment. Not only is it a great way to help athletes with their training regimen, it is also amazing equipment when it comes to toning muscles and losing weight.

This professional cycle trainer features heavy flywheels that incorporate a top down magnetic resistance that will help simulate the feeling of going through the most intense cycling experience. You can also expect a smooth exercise routine with no distractions thanks to its super silent belt drive mechanism. The LCD display helps you keep track of your current progress as well as give some tidbits of advice and inspiration to help you push through the final leg of your workout routine.

What really makes this a great spin bike is its full customizable seat and handlebars. Both can be completely adjusted to any height to give you the best and most comfortable experience. This is actually a nice feature that some spin bikes do not offer, true that other product models have adjustable seats and handlebars but they most likely have a limit to how far you can move them, the Bladez Fitness Master GS do not. This equipment is also compatible with heart rate monitors from Polar.

On the consumer side of things, the biggest advantage that Bladez Fitness has is its ability to offer top-notch quality performance at a more affordable price tag. This spin bike is well-made, highly durable and even has a great looking design.

The Bladez Fitness Master GS comes at a dimension of 48” x 19.9” x 46.9” (LWH). The product comes with a 45 lbs. flywheel to offer that right amount of intense workout. This equipment weighs in at a toral of 300 lbs. and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Pros: Affordable price for high quality and quite easy to set up.

Cons: Might be difficult to use for people below the 5 feet height bracket.


The Bladez Fitness Master GS definitely showcases the high points of having a spin bicycle in spades. It is a top notch product from a great brand and delivers everything you would expect from a best spin bike. All in all, this is one of the most highly recommended spin bicycles around to date and you wouldn’t even have to plunk down a significant amount of cash for it.

Mad Dogg Athletics Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle

best spin bikesConvenience and ease of use are the main features of the Spinner Sprint by Mad Dogg Athletics. Setting up this spin cycle is extremely easy and simple and can even be done by a novice. This spin cycle features a simple and sturdy resistance knob with a weighted flywheel at 43 lbs. and a chain drive system that delivers smooth flowing movement.

Additional features include a redesign of the pedals and crank arms for better Q-factor with a measurement of 155mm between the two points which is similar to that of top quality road bicycles. The significant design change of the handlebar is also visible with an added 5 degree angle to help enhance the ergonomics of the indoor cycle.

This equipment comes with a leather top-down break pad that will help increase its life span as well as giving it higher quality breaking without causing damage to the mechanism over time. The product will also come with a bonus DVD set for those interested in conducting their own spin class within their homes. The bonus set includes 4 discs that include 4 different workout routines using the spin bicycle to its maximum potential.

Pros: Reliable, effective, durable and easy to use.

Cons: Does not come and is not compatible with a digital heart rate monitor.


In terms of simplicity and customer friendliness, the Mad Dogg Athletics Spinner Sprint is definitely at the forefront of the pack. Setting up the equipment is simple and the overall construction of this indoor bicycle can definitely compete with other top of the line models. This is overall an impressive indoor spin bicycle that features some simple yet great tweaks to help separate it from the rest.

Ironman Fitness H-Class Indoor Training Cycle

best spin bikesOne of the most trusted brands when it comes to training equipment used by tri-athletes would definitely be the Ironman Fitness. Their indoor spin bicycle model is designed to deliver the highest level of workout for athletes while being extremely accessible to consumers looking for a great workout.

This indoor spin bicycle features a chain driven mechanism to help better simulate the feeling riding an actual bicycle with all the resistance that comes with it. This in turn helps develop your lower and core muscles better. It also uses the Multi-Grip handle bar design which allows riders a variety of hand and forearm positions for optimum comfort.

The flywheel weighs in at 44 lbs. and is designed to deliver consistency with its smooth motion. The 3 piece crank system also helps in increasing the durability of the pedal and cranks and allow for longer use without any issues. This spin bicycle can also help simulate different biking experience such as uphill biking as it can support stand up pedaling.

Additional features included are water bottle holders, pedals with straps and toe cages to prevent slipping and transportation wheels if you wish to relocate the equipment to a different part of the house. This product comes with several warranties as well so make sure you purchase one from a legit Ironman Fitness store or reseller.

Pros: High quality construction and the bonus floor pad was a nice addition.

Cons: The digital computer screen is not backlit.


Ironman Fitness H-Class Indoor Training Cycle feels sturdy and tough the first time you use it and the evenly balanced weight is a good indication of the quality of the design. Setting up the equipment is also quite easy with all the tools you will ever need already available within the box. You can even use your smart phone to scan the codes located at the top of the instruction manual which will send you step by step video tutorial on how to set up the exercise machine properly. This is also one of the most comfortable indoor bikes available today. You can even replace its seats with an aftermarket one to help increase comfort. This is one of the best spin bikes that you can purchase right now, hand down.