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The Top 3 Best Road Bikes of 2017

If you’re looking for best road bikes available in the market today, you will realize that these bikes are definitely not what they were three decades ago. Advancements in technology have transformed the standard road bike into a really sturdy, dependable and cool looking mode of transportation with features and qualities not present from models of the yesteryears.

In fact, there are high end road bikes available in the market that sells for thousands of dollars making them the sports cars version of the bicycle world. Fortunately, you won’t really need to spend exuberant amounts of cash when it comes to getting a high quality bicycle for the road. Although you definitely need to be armed with the right information in order to choose the best possible one from the shop.

It’s time now to check out the top 3 best road bikes in the market today. These are top-quality bicycles that have built up a solid reputation in the market and with customers.

Lombardo Monza Road Bike

best road bikesThe Lombardo Monza is monster, for lack of a better term, when it comes to road bikes. It is a lightweight and fast bicycle that has impressive handling. If you are looking for speed then this bike was made for you. It incorporates not only speed and lightness but also comfort even after hours of riding.

The frame utilizes aluminum 7005 material which is integrated with carbon and alloy materials as well for a durable and flexible end result. The wheels used are the patented Lombardo Monza aluminum rims with 700c and 23 Vee Street Tires for optimum traction. The components include a 2 x 10 Campagnalo Xenon front and rear derailleurs, a Campy Xenon Ergo power integrated shifter and break with a set of KMC DX10 chains. It also comes equipped with aluminum seat post and an aluminum 34 x 50 crankset.

The Xenon Ergopower brake/shift elevates its ability to shift clean and precise. The ergonomic handlebars also keep your hands comfortable throughout the ride. The pedal uses the FPD clip-less design which helps improve cycling experience. Most road bikes will usually have a standard seat which may prove to be uncomfortable in the long run, that is not the case with the Lombardo Monza as this road bike features the Selle Royal Mach Saddles with its lightweight and comfortable design.

Pros: Well dialed right out of the box with little to no tweaking needed.

Cons: None to mention.


The Lombardo Monza Road Bike is exactly what you would expect from an Italy based manufacturer. This is a flashy, high quality and comfortable road bike built for the rough terrain and designed for excellent handling.

Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Bicycle

best road bikesThe Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Bike excels amongst its peers thanks to the fact that it comes equipped with a highly specialized feature that allows riders to choose between a road and a triathlon position. This ability to shift from one type of bike to the next pushes the Talon up the front of the pack.

Another factor that you will notice is its price. This is one of the most affordable top quality carbon frame bicycles around with a price tag comparable to high grade aluminum frame bikes. The construction of the Talon uses Kestrel’s patented Enhanced Modulus Hybrid carbon (EHM), which is a combination of 700k and 800k carbon-fibers. This delivers an extremely durable and lightweight frame with a bit more flexibility than other carbon frames in the market.

The frame and components of Talon are designed to be completely aerodynamic. It also features internal cable routing that guarantees smooth airflow and minimal to no resistance when riding at top speeds. Comfort has also been taken into account with the proprietary Kestrel H-Stay design. The seat stays and chain stays have a specially designed form that will help in maintaining balance even when going through rough terrain thanks to its amazing shock dampening capability.

The final piece of the puzzle that helps proper the Talon to the top position of one of the best road bikes today is its customizability. The seat position itself can be repositioned to a traditional road bicycle stance or optimized for use in a triathlon.

Pros: Extremely light at 16 lbs., quiet and the shifting is precise and crisp.

Cons: The bike does not come pre-assembled. You’ll need to set it up and fine tune yourself.


Overall, the Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Bike definitely earns its stripes as one of the best road bikes in the market today. High grade construction and a slew of features make this a true joy to ride down the road. However, be aware that if you are not big into fine tuning the components of the bike then you might need some help when assembling this bad boy.

Diamondback Haanjo Trail Ultegra Complete Road Bike

best road bikesThe Diamondback Haanjo series has always been one of the premier models from Diamondback and it’s easy to see why. The Haanjo series bikes have already built a solid reputation with riders as the brand that delivers one of the strongest build kits. The design and form of the bike itself is a great and dependable choice for those who travel for hours on end or even days.

The Diamondback Haanjo Ultegra is an all around road bike designed for the smoothest roads to the roughest terrain. The Haanjo Ultegra is designed for the long ride ahead and focuses more on comfort, handling and durability.

This bike features aluminum 6061-T6 frames that delivers the perfect balance of lightweight and sturdiness. It is also equipped with a tapered head tube and carbon fork for optimum suspension and helps dampen vibrations and noise.

When it comes to the components, the Diamondback Haanjo Ultegra certainly delivers with high grade parts that will assist in delivering top-notch riding experience. It features HED Tomcat Disc wheels alongside Kenda Happy Medium tires that are designed to adapt to all types of terrain. Add the Ultegra 11-speed drivetrain and you have yourself the smoothest possible bike ride you can achieve today. The impressive hydraulic disc break is also a fine addition as it offers reliable stopping power whether you are on dry, wet or rocky roads.

Pros: Amazing handling and suspension will guarantee a smooth ride no matter what the state of the terrain is.

Cons: None to mention.


The Diamondback Haanjo Ultegra Road Bike may not have the speed to compete with other speed devil bicycles but what it does have is dependability and durability. The handling is exquisite and you will certainly feel absolute control even when navigating difficult and bumpy trails.